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Profile and Notifications

Where can I manage my notifications?
How can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?
Where can I change my password?


How can I use the Analytics section?
How do I upload an Excel File?
How should the file be organized so it’s compatible with the the platform?
How do I use the big data analyzed in the Analytics section?
How is the information going to be analyzed to generate the report?


I’m getting a “Permissions Request” error. What should I do? (Facebook, Google Ads)
How do I know if I have admin permission on a fan page?
How do I know if I have admin permission on an ad account
How do I approve Datagran’s permission request to my ad account?
How do I approve Datagran’s request for access to my fan page?
How do I accept Datagran’s request for access to my Google Ads account?
Which security permissions do I need to work with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads Search and Display networks?
Can I change the Facebook account linked to Datagran?
What permissions do I need on the Ad Accounts and Pages that I want to use with Datagran?
If I give access to my Ad Accounts, won’t you be able to see all the info about my Facebook’s business accounts?

Ad Campaign Creation Process

What’s the minimum time needed to run a campaign?
How long should I run my campaign to get the best value for my ad spend?
Do you support Lead Generation ads on Facebook & Instagram?
How do I install the pixels for the Conversions/ROI objective?
What if my campaign is already running and I need to modify the budget, audience or creatives?
Can I change an audience once the campaign is running?
Can I edit creative assets once the campaign is running?
Can I create custom audiences?
Why are the creative image and text parameters different on Facebook?
Why does the $ show up on my budget if my currency is different to USD?


What will I be able to track from my Datagran dashboard?
Can I see how the platform is optimizing my ads campaign?
How often is updated the data in my dashboard?

Payment and Subscription

How is my payment processed?
When will I be charged?
Is there a minimum ads campaigns budget?
Why is $200 the minimum budget to create an ads campaigns in Datagran? Facebook doesn't have any minimum budget.
What objectives can I use in the Free Forever plan?
If I cancel my plan, how long will my access to Datagran last?

About Datagran

Can I use Datagran in languages other than English?
Why use Datagran to optimize my ad campaigns, when I can do it myself?
How are ads analyzed? How can I benefit from it?
How does the optimization process work for text ads in the Google Search Network? What do I need?
How does optimization process work for image ad in the Google Display Network? What do I need?
What happens if I don’t have creative assets for my ad campaigns?
Can I create retargeting campaigns with Datagran?
What time can I reach your customer service at?